I’m excited for the holiday season (truth is, I am already fully involved in baking, shopping, and crafting for Christmas!) – I love putting little gifts in jars and I love covering things in glitter. Put those things together and throw some chocolate inside and it can’t be beat! Here are some Christmas Treat Jars.

What you will need

Jars (get them from a craft store or use baby food jars)
Glitter – Red, white and brown
Googlie eyes
Red pom pom
Black ribbon
Silver foam sheet
Black beads
Orange paper
Hot Glue
Brown pipe cleaner


1.Start out by covering your jar with a layer of decoupage.
2. Pour glitter all over your jar, fully covering it.
3. Set aside to dry.

Santa Belt

Once your red glitter is dry, wrap a piece of black ribbon around the jar and hot glue it in place. Cut a square slightly larger than your ribbon and cut out the center of the square to make a belt buckle. Hot glue that in place and then fill it up with candy!


Cover your jar in white glitter. Glue two small googly eyes on and then cut a small carrot nose from your orange paper and glue that in place as well. Grab your small black beads and glue them to create a smile


Cover in brown glitter. Hot glue two googly eyes in place and add your pom pom nose. Cut one brown pipe cleaner in half. Snip off another 1-2 inches and wrap them around the other piece to shape it into an antler. Hot glue this to the lid and you are set!

How many Christmas treat jars will you be making?

XO Natasha