Do you fancy Matte Nails?

Learn some handy ways to turn your nail polish matte! Recently I have absolutely been obsessing over matte nails.
In Dubai, getting good long lasting matte colors is difficult. I visit The Nail Spa pick my desired color and voilà.. they lay a beautiful matte top finish, for the perfect desired matte look.
So, lovelies pick the colors you like and achieve a complete matte look!

Girls love nail art and so do I!
Amongst nail art, matte nails are the hottest trend these days not because it looks smooth and sophisticated but because it’s unique and contemporary.
Newsflash: You can give your existing colors a twist to make them matte.
So, if you are into matte nails and want that fun matte finish, there’s no need to re-stock your selection of nail paints and lacquers. A bit of experiment and you are good to go.
Let’s see how you can do it at home..

Steam for steamy matte-finish mani

Making your nail polish matte becomes simpler with steam. Trust me!! Just apply your favorite shade and place your hands (one be one) over a pan of heated water with steam. Do it for about 3-5 seconds.
Make sure steam reaches all the parts of your nails and you’ll have lovely matte nails to flaunt in no time.
Isn’t this a fun way to turn your normal paint colors into edgy matte finish? Yes, it is ☺

Powder it..

Powder it. Literally? Well, I’m not joking either. Cornstarch, baking powder and fine flour are a perfect choice. Add any of the powders in tiny amounts to achieve the desired matte-ness. You can use a toothpick for the blending process.

Matte Topcoat for a long wear

We all love toppings, be it food or nail polish! ☺
Topping off your existing nail lacquers with a matte topcoat not only shapes up your nails but also ensures no-more-chipping.
Making a matte topcoat is no rocket-science; you can make it right in your home.
Adding too much of powder will make the paint knotty, so start with little quantities and build up. Even some topcoats change or lighten your favorite shade, so its better do a bit of homework before finally going for the powder method.
A topcoat that appears frosted or pearly in the bottle doesn’t have a good effect and in some colors it may only lighten it or completely change its shade.
We all want to wear our topcoat for a longer time and if a little effort goes into knowing the best polishes for matte nails, it’s worth investing!! While glittery paints don’t do much of a justice to matte-ness, solid colors are best for matte formulations.

I love experimenting and the idea of glitter over matte polish appeals me a lot. If you are also fun-type, dust some loose glitter onto-nearly dry lacquer. It looks funky and stylish.
So, lovelies it’s time you quit the same old multi-hued and glittery shades and have some real fun with matte nails.

Will you be going matte this season?

XO Natasha