It’s day 6 of 2016 and like many of your fellow members, you might have made some New Year’s resolutions. While we all have the best intentions of following through with them, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals so I put together a list of handy tricks and tips to help make your resolutions last all the way through DECEMBER 31st…

6 Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last

Make measurable resolutions

Your resolutions should be easy to measure and attain. That way you can keep better track of your progress. When you make vague resolutions like, “Be fearless!” they end up being grandiose statements, which don’t do you much good.

Write them down!

Things feel more official when you put pen to paper and you will feel more committed to them once they’re written down, too.

Review them

Keep your resolutions somewhere where you can see them on a daily basis (have your resolutions framed at your bedside). The reason being that it’s important to go back and reread your resolutions and consider the different ways you can achieve them. Have little post-its [notes] on your mirror as little reminders for when you get ready.
Or try this one from my best friend, Lian: “I wrote my resolutions on a notecard with a pretty pen. Then I put it in a cute tin box and set it on my dresser as a decoration. Every morning, whether I’m putting on jewelry or perfume, I am reminded of my resolutions!”

Make milestones

Write down the big goal, and then write down all the little goals that will be milestones in helping you reach the large one. Checking off the little milestones shows that while you may not have reached the large goal yet, you have made some progress toward it.

Keep a journal

[It’s] good idea to keep a journal (I know it’s hard/weird to do) at the end of every week reflecting on what you’ve accomplished so there is no backsliding or tricking yourself into thinking you did something when you actually didn’t. It doesn’t have to be expansive or include every detail, but when you know you have to write things down there is a little extra caution, and effort during the week to accomplish or do the things you set out to do for your New Year’s resolutions.

Make an inspiration board

If you’re a visual PERSON, this is a great idea. My friend has an inspiration board to keep her motivated. She has clippings of places she wants to go, clothing she wants to buy and the number of the size she needs to get in shape to FIT into those clothes, and she has motivational quotes and sayings on sticky notes on her mirror closet door… so every morning when she wakes up she will see that certain quote that will motivate her to do a certain something that day.

How are you going to stick to your 2016 resolutions?

XO Natasha