I have been receiving emails asking what is my midweek “On The GO” beauty regime is.
The truth being told I usually work a 70-hour work week after which I have events I attend. In addition to this I have frequent photoshoots. I am bound to use makeup although I try to avoid it as much as possible.
It does get tedious having a strict beauty regime. I have noticed the stricter regime I try following the more I skip out on it. I spare around 15 minutes for myself at night just before bed. At this point I am knackered and worn out, I am not willing to do anything that requires an effort. Therefore on a daily basis, I use Himalaya Neem Facewash for my cleansing needs.

However, sometimes that’s not enough and you have to deep cleanse your skin to ensure you get rid of all the dirt in your pores. For that, I decided to try the Himalaya Herbals Neem Scrub and Himalaya Herbals Neem Mask.

This particular scrub is specially formulated to give you clear, problem free skin. The scrub works with a dual exfoliation and purifying action. It contains Neem which is a natural antibiotic and it is very popular for its purifying and antibacterial properties. In addition to Neem, it is combined with apricot granules. Apricot granules help to gently scrub away blackheads, dead skin cells and embedded impurities. My first impression was of soft smooth skin and it looked like my blackheads had reduced in number. Scrubs however should not be used more than three times a week as it could result in irritated skin.

After the exfoliation, I applied the Himalaya Neem Mask and I was pleased to see the results in the first try. I must say that Himalaya is providing the best cosmetic products all over the country. The Neem Mask has Neem and Fuller’s Earth, a combination that is bound to remove excess oil from your skin and prevent the reoccurrence of pimples. The Neem with its purifying and antibacterial properties helps eliminate the bacteria under the skin, while the Fuller’s Earth helps close the pores, as open pores are one of the easiest ways to accommodate pimples. In my opinion, using a mask once to twice a week is sufficient if you follow a regular cleansing routine like I do.

Using Himalaya’s products, I can now follow this magical regime, that instantly deep cleanses my skin, removes blackheads and controls skin imbalances. I am experiencing clear, pure, healthy skin, and I couldn’t be happier.

I would highly recommend always using the Neem scrub first, followed by the Neem mask. Oh and face wash above all. Consider your face was as your primer before makeup.

Do you have any products from Himalaya you would like me to review?