Craving that glowing skin? Are visible fine lines or wrinkles driving you nuts?
Well, every woman on this planet at-least wants to have a glowing skin but lack of knowledge screws up the whole thing or they end up choosing the wrong skincare product.
For those who don’t know, it’s important you know the correct grade of skincare formula you’re using on your skin.

What is Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment?

Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment is one such formula available in three grades. With years of research from Labo Cosprophar Suisse, this ground-breaking at-home substitute to filler is most effective when used correctly after knowing the grade that best suits your skin.

The Three Grades of Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment

Available in three different concentrations, these dermo-cosmetic fillers are proven to remove wrinkles in only fourteen days for all skin types.

Grade 1

Is best for treating mild wrinkles and fine lines, and reduces signs of sagging, especially around cheekbones and lips.

Grade 2

Dermo-cosmetic fillers are suitable for treating visible wrinkles and fine lines and revamps patchy skin tone and visible signs of sagging particularly around lips and cheekbones.

Grade 3

Skin treatments remove deeply seated wrinkles and fine lines, very rough skin tone and regular sagging of facial features, particularly around cheekbones and lips.

Well, if you ask me, I’ve been trying out Grade 3, it’s been just 10 days and I can see great visible results. All my tough frownie fines lines are gone, I can feel my smooth skin and the sagginess around my lips are history. (Yes, Grade 3 might have been a bit too strong for my fine lines.. But hey! Summer is here that brings a lot of travel.. Needed the transition to be done NOW.)

All you divas just need to know what is the right grade for your skin to achieve maximum results.

That being said, let’s see what does Fillerina it contain that makes it so effective.

The Key Ingredients of Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Fillers

An effective mix of about six hyaluronic acids, Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Fillers consists of molecules that both differ in weight and size which makes them more penetrable and effective closing out your wrinkles. Hence, your facial skin gets leveled and plumped up!

Here are the six hyaluronic acids:

Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate

Instantly penetrates your skin and reduces the swelling of tissues and smoothens the wrinkles.

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid

Invades the deep and middle layers of skin closing out wrinkles and letting lines go off from inside.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Permeates the outer and middle layers of skin uniting big quantities of water and smoothens the spotty and craggy skin layers.
Invades the surface of your skin and plumps up the tissues.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer or Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid

Assures a gradual and continual hyaluronic acid discharge into skin, aiding to keep skin tissues well filled.


Offers repair and slow & continual filling up of cutaneous tissue that causes pigmentation.


Promotes the generation of cell membrane proteins and boosts water flow through all layers of your skin.

This no-needle wrinkle filler Fillerina 14-Day Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment is the best thing you can have in your makeup vanity. While this non-invasive skin treatment consists of an impressive mix of six hyaluronic acids that penetrates each layer of your skin, it also comes in three different grades to match your skin type.
Therefore, not only do you get more visible results with its use, you also get a ‘wow’ feeling that’s long lived with rich modern creams in-between uses.

Would you ever be stepping into a cosmetic clinic again?