Along with other influencers, we were treated to a 24 hour GAP Weekend last September 29. They sent us an invite through a travel bag that fit all the things we needed for the 24 hour getaway. How do you not get excited with that?

I arrived at the fabulous Rixos Premium JBR quite late, thanks to the 200+ Ferraris cruising around the area. Happy 75th birthday Ferrari… You’re old!

The view from my room was definitely breathtaking — the soon-to-be-biggest Ferris wheel in the world and the wonderful Dubai skyline. Also, finding a huge pool float in my bed was surprising and that was enough to make up for feeling sorry that I missed the welcome mingling.

Events like this reunite me with my closest friends. And so, I made sure that lunch time meant catch-up session with the gorgeous Nisa Tiwana and Frankie Hales. Ken Doll was there too, but we’re not friends… So Nisa and Frankie will do.

After lunch, we headed to the denim studio, which was probably the coolest part of the event. I gave in my GAP denim jacket for customization and then headed for a 30 min personal training session with James and Michael from Beyond Human.

I had so much energy while walking back to the room as I was also excited for the evening soiree. But before that, I headed down to the poolside for a quick drink while looking at the sunset. That drink with that view got me relaxed and ready for the evening.

Arriving at a well-prepared, thought-through venue is always the best feeling when attending soirees like this. Props to Gap for pulling of an awesome online shop launch! The space was filled with beats from Mr. Levier, trolleys of champagne was being pushed around, photobooths were all over the place, and everyone was online shopping!

But as 12:00MN struck, just like Cinderella, I went back to my lovely room and cuddled with sleep.

XO Natasha