We all know that we’re supposed to drink lots of water everyday. Drinking 8-12 glasses of agua daily has countless health benefits. Also, your appearance benefits from drinking enough water each day. Water hydrates your skin making you look younger and it assists in weight loss. So why don’t we drink more? Because next to delicious lattes and flavored fizzy drinks water falls flat. It’s, dare we say, a little boring.

I am always seen with a medium sized VOSS bottle of water. May it be still, sparkling or infused. These bottles are chic, easy to carry, strong (by this I mean no leakage, no annoying noises from half empty bottles) and they do not carry harmful chemicals such as the plastic one within your reach right now.

Among a long list of other problems, drinking water from plastic bottles left to bake in your car will increase your risk of getting cancer.

The relative quality of the plastic containing the water (THERE ARE NO SAFE PLASTICS, but some are worse than others), the temperature achieved, the length of time it was in the sun, & whether or not a person consumes water from hot plastic on an ongoing basis.

Aside from the pthalate exposure, drinking water from hot plastics increases your exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA), a potent hormone disruptor which is known to attack the body IN MYRIAD WAYS, including elevating one’s risk of breast & prostate cancer.

So ladies.. QUIT carrying plastic bottles!

Tadaaa… Here are a few ways to jazz up your H2O…

Fruit – Slice it up and toss it in. Try different fruits or even different combinations of fruit. Some popular ones are cucumbers, lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, raspberries… and the list goes on.

Mint – Try adding a few mint leaves to your water. It will give it a refreshing twist.

Ice – Fill an ice tray with your favorite all natural fruit juice and put it in the freezer. When the cubes have frozen try adding a couple to your water for a hint of flavour.


I am venturing into different ways of DIY infused water with VOSS, which I will be sharing with you soon times!